Question: I had been sleeping most of the day that day, and so i didn’t fall asleep until around 230 only to wake up at 3:13 to realize that i had just had a really scary nightmare. I have sleep paralysis before so it was another episode.
I fell asleep on the floor, just like i sometimes do, and i was faced down, just like i sleep always and all of a sudden i had a dream, my friend Matt was in my room playing music, and then he left and never returned, i fell asleep on the floor and i realized i couldn’t move, my face felt extremely distorted and i was compleatly frozen. I had no control over my body, i was alone and defenceless it seemed. It was so scary. I started to hear loud buzzing, VERY LOUD i covered my ears and i could still hear it, it was so LOUD i thought my ear drums where going to explode.Then i felt a presence over me, holding me down, i wasn’t able to breath, i was so scared, i started moving and trying to tell myself that it was just a dream, it was my paralysis, but it didnt work. i stopped covering my ears and then i dropped from way up high, and it felt like i was sky diving down, fast, like i was not going to be alive when i landed.When i landed i woke up, very frightend. It felt TOO REAL, TOO, TOO REAL. Not like any nightmare i’ve had before or dream. I’ve also had this happen to me plenty of times, but not as vivid as yesterday night, thats for sure.Prior to this i’ve had another really bad experience. I was faced down again …wich is wierd because so many people say that when they go through this they sleep on there back.. well anyway i was faced down on a bed and i felt as if i was awake and my body was dead. And there was an evil presence on me over me, holding me down, gripping me violently, i tried to get up and walk but i couldnt becasue it wouldnt let me.. i dont know, but im done experiencing this after last night! where can i go? what can i do? i need help.

Answer: Hey Joanna, I recommend reading a copy of Ryan Hurd’s book about treating and controlling your sleep paralysis. Empowering stuff from a guy who’s been in your shoes.

Thanks for your question and good luck,