Question: My sons and I all talk in our sleep, but last night I did something I’ve never heard of anyone doing.
My girlfriend told me I woke her up yelling in her face and shaking her, only to lay back down laughing and asking if I scared her, like if it was a joke. She said it wasn’t a painful shake, it was playful like you would do scaring a friend.She ended up staying awake for around 2 hours trying to figure out if I was awake and just joking with her. I do not remember any of it happening. She has always said I growl in my sleep, sometimes even touching myself, but never much more then that. I do have a sleep apnea machine that I am supposed to use every night but I don’t use it like I should because it is so uncomfortable, and I wake up with really bad dry mouth from it. Talking in my sleep is one thing but doing a prank in my sleep, that is a first. I have never heard of anyone else doing something like this. Please advise me, is this normal? Is there anyone else out there who has gotten pranked by someone sleeping? Should I be worried?