Question: I have never heard of or experienced SP until I dated my crazy Russian ex-boyfriend after high school. His name is Serge and he would always talk about these dreams or delusions that he would have. FYI he was very drug experimental and liked “strange” and unexplainable things.
Serge would describe his experiences as not being able to moved while your body gets dragged around the room. This one particular night it happened to him in my room while we were sleeping together. The light was on and I remember watching him sleep for a few and then he woke up saying things like…”You couldn’t hear me talking to you?” I ignored it and figured he was just crazy. A couple days later my mom woke me up around five a.m., Serge was on the phone calling from HPD telling me how he had gotten arrested the previous night and whatever. I was so tired after I hung up I couldn’t believe how fast I fell asleep. I couldn’t believe it because I wasn’t really sleeping. I was laying on my side facing into the bed which left the entire open bed facing back at me. Serge wasn’t there but I felt as if someone was. I had my arm up above my head. A position that I no longer sleep in because of the feeling of vulnerability. I could touch the wall and my eyes were open. I was able to think but not move. I couldn’t even speak.I was slightly confused and then I saw it. The presence. It didn’t really look like anything and I couldn’t move my head to really get a good look but I know it was behind me. I saw a part of it and felt the most of it. It was as if someone began to slowly and gently slide my bottoms off. This is when I became afraid. I tried to move my fingers that I felt against the wall but it was useless. I tried to call for my mom but not even my voice could escape. A second later and I instantly popped out of bed and ran to my mom’s room. This happened in 2005. The second time this happened I had already changed the furniture in my room around. I heard of ghost or spirits being able to reach you if you are laying in their path. I am born and raised in Hawai’i and am of Hawaiian decent. There are stories of Night Marchers; ancient hawaiian spirits lost in battle who walk
over or through the dead if you are in their path.Well this is the second time and I fell asleep and woke up again…sleeping. I couldn’t move again and this time there was a television set on in the background. I remember the awkward green illumination coming from it. Someone came through the door and kinda checked to see if I was asleep. Again my back was facing the outside of the bed. So my bed was next to the window and I was laying on my side looking out. And I saw that person begin to close the window. I felt as if something bad were to happen against my will. And I forced myself to wake up. I could feel my eyes rolling back as I was struggling to wake up. When I did there was no one there and my door was locked. I can’t remember exactly how many times it happened after this but a few years later I moved to the Big Island and had the most traumatic experience of my life. I was with another man that I had met later on in life. We spent the night together and I had a strange dream about my niece. It was very surreal. I saw an endless clear blue ocean. In the middle of it there was a bridge. Like an arch or something. It was white and perfect for some reason. I could see many kids. Young kids. My niece was there and suddenly we were under the bridge. She was sitting in front of me and I was putting a head band on her.I suddenly woke up. I was laying there and we had put the black light on for a night light. I was at the edge of the bed sleeping on the outside straight on my back. I had a blanket on. It was a quilt. I always sleep with a blanket or quilt or something on. I began to talk to my ex about my dream and the bed started drastically shaking. I could barely move I was so stunned. And at that time I had a metal futon bed thingy. While shaking something grabbed onto my legs. I could feel its arms lifting itself towards me while the quilt slowly began to slid off. And it said in a male demonic voice, “HELP ME! HELP ME!” I have never been so fucking scared in my life. I sat straight up and it stopped but I really can’t remember what came first. Did I wake up again?