Question: Bedroom is space- alone, happy, calming. Meditating into a new galaxy, listening to relaxing music- no interruptions- no thinking; calming thoughts acceptable. Time to be accepted by life. Essential oils burning all around, the beautiful smell filling my nostrils, the ambience of the air captivates all my senses, helping me feel that all my worries are being evaporated. I am super comfortable, as I feel each part of my body slowly relaxing, my body sinks into the mattress. My breathing slowing and deepening to a tame state, my thoracic expanding and contracting, my tongue touches my pallet, and my jaw drops open, i start losing my sense of reality, my body slipping away into an altered state of consciousness. The two frequencies merging into a binaural beat becoming one noise in the back of my head as my mind slips into a lucid dream.
I am in the middle of the jungle: spears are being thrown, men are yelling in different languages, their faces painted and their teeth yellow, wearing nothing more than what seems to be a loin cloth. The women being tied to ropes and whipped with hostility, followed by the shrieking of the vulnerable creatures. The green mossy vines hiding the swamp; I become one with the scenery.I feel my body slowly becoming noticed; the men see me, the animals see me. I have entered their world and I cannot escape. i am surrounded by all the creatures of the wild, I hear my footsteps as I’m running through the ferns; sticks breaking under my feet. My breathing becoming heavier and the men’s voices getting closer. Music is playing in the background-it feels like it is not even in the jungle, but somewhere beyond . fast drums banging and bongos booming. I trip over, and graze my knee on the rocks, I sense im close to a river as there is water trickling through the rocks, I turn around to see the predators start surrounding me once again, I have no way to fight, and no way to flight. The animals are creeping towards me; their eyes gazing as me like a fresh piece
of meat. Their mouths drooling and the sharp teeth shining. They seem to have forgotten the feud with the men and work as a team to capture me. They are less then a metre away when a leapord pounces. I close my eyes thinking nothing else but wanting to be home, back in my bed, away from this chaotic place. A few seconds pass, and nothing happens, as I slowly open my eyes I realize I am high up out of reach of the predators and I am still rising. I am drifting away- my mind becoming blank, the visuals are disappearing and I feel graceful. I wake up, back in my bed, the adventure is a pigment of my imagination.Back in my bed calming my breathing down once more, I look around my room, and I can just make out the jungle I came from: the window blinds running down and shut remind me of the sticks and spears, and my walls; green. Remind me of the ferns and the trees. My body is still so relaxed and no one is bothering me. I try to slip into a lucid dream once more.I feel like I have infinite time on my hands. Being in my room, away from civilisation I am not in my bedroom; I am in my haven. My haven is my place to go away from drama. My haven is like a shrine. Everything placed correctly and dim lit by candles, almost as if once I enter my haven I am not in the same country, I feel as though I’m in some tropical place, I can almost imagine the vines running down my walls, and the beautiful sun rising over the mountains and the eagles flying high in the sky. My haven is my zone. I am happy here, I am safe.You might wonder what a lucid dream is: My intent is to put my body to sleep while my mind is still conscious. We spend a third of our lives sleeping in bed. Why not optimize this part of our life and explore a world where the seemingly impossible becomes reality?