Question: A few years ago one night I was asleep and I woke up to a feeling of not being able to move. I remember struggling and feeling like I was fighting to move my arms, but no matter how hard I tried I could not move. The next thing I was aware of was looking down at my bed. I could see myself lying on my stomach and a white ghostly figure sitting on my bed next to me. The right hand of the ghostly figure was slowly pulling the covers down to reveal my back. The most frightening part of this was that I could actually feel the fingers on my back and pulling the sheets down.
I remember trying to shout or scream and fighting to move my arms. By now I was looking at myself in bed from the far top corner of the room, when suddenly I managed to wake and turn round as I sat up.This was probably the most scary experience I have ever had. At the time I honestly thought that I had died and my spirit was leaving my body and although I could not see a face on the ghostly spirit, I thought that it could have been a family member, maybe sent to bring me to heaven or something. I know this sounds totally ridiculous, but that was what it seemed like.Then approx. 14 to 15 months later, I was asleep on my back when I felt this huge pressure on my chest. Again, I was fighting to move my arms and the pressure felt like it was getting heavier and heavier. I remember
trying to shout for my dog, but nothing was coming out. I tried shouting louder and louder, I was fighting to move when suddenly I woke and as I did I could have sworn I saw this black smoke pull away from chest and disappear under the bed. I was now beginning to think the house might be haunted.After that experience everything was fine for the last couple of years until this last fortnight when again, I suddenly seem to wake but cannot move or speak. The latest experience, was just this afternoon when I was having a kip on the couch. I was on my side and the dog was laying near my legs, when I suddenly opened my eyes, but again I could not move. I felt completely trapped. I tried to move my hand over the dog, but it wouldn’t move. I tried again and again, but despite being fully focused on moving my hand, nothing was happening. I then tried to call the dogs name, but every time I tried nothing was coming out. Again and again I tried, but nothing. I then just tried screaming and eventually something must have happened, as I remember the dog moving and starting to sniff my face and lick, it was then that I slowly came round and was able to move.All I can say it is quite frightening to wake up but be completely unable to move or speak. I can only imagine this is what it is like when people say they were having an operation, but they were awake and could see and feel everything, but they were unable to move or speak.