Question: I’ve been experiencing hypnagogic sleep paralysis for about three years now. I’ve always had them before going to bed, and twice I woke up to have them.
Hallucinations… difficulty breathing, full paralysis but a small shake of my eyes. I told my mom about the first few episodes but said that we’d ‘wait and see’ but did nothing about it. I gave up telling her about them after about four episodes.Now I had hinted it at the dinner table and she has no idea what I was talking about. But… my parents are starting to corner me about my ‘personal problems’ with my sleep. It started at dinner today and I’m really scared.I know for a fact that if I tell them about it my mom will think it’s just for attention or it would be my imagination. And my dad… he’s never that predictable, so I don’t know what he would do.I need help with ideas to finally sum up enough courage to tell them, since this has been a touchy subject for years now. Please give me some tips? It’s getting harder to hide it. Thanks