Question: I’ve been suffering with anxiety and depression for 4 years now and I’ve always had trouble getting to sleep….
Lately not being able to sleep has put a huge impact on my depression. During the days I’m unable to focus when people are talking to me, I go into daydreams, and my moods are going up and down all the time. It’s affecting me emotionally and physically, I feel drained. However it’s still not getting me to sleep.My usual night time routine has been the same for quite some time now. I’d watch TV till 10pm turn everything off and play a card game on my phone. *It makes my eyes super heavy* and my brightness is always turned down.I don’t drink caffeine before bed, so this is not the problem. I’ll turn my phone off after an hour and I’ll close my eyes and lay there hoping to nod off. I’ll stay their till 4-5 am in the morning.It makes me angry being unable to sleep. I have anger issues resulting into me going completely nuts and hitting my head on things and trying to claw my eyes. *yes it’s stupid but I can’t control myself when I’m stressed out*I’m on anti depressants and I’ve been on sleeping tablets for a week. My doctor wouldn’t let me have them more than a week cause he didn’t want me to rely on them, they didn’t help I had to take 2 a night to even get some effect.When I do get to sleep and I know I don’t have to get up in the morning early for appointments I choose to stay in bed. I have depression and I mentally don’t want to deal with the life I’m living with so I sleep in till 2pm. But this is hardly often cause I’m always having to go somewhere or do something. This is driving me insane. I need help, I can’t deal with this not sleeping properly anymore. I feel like I’m on the tipping edge of a cliff….