Question: After 4 months on CPAP my teeth started hurting and were loose every morning.
I have a history of perfectly formed teeth that fit nicely in my jaw and healthy gums with tight teeth. So why were my teeth hurting as if I had postponed my teeth cleaning too long? And were my front teeth actually moving backwards? Dentist said my bite did not allow my canines to keep my top and bottom incisors from crashing into each other anymore.When did that start? Oh. Yeah. CPAP pushes on my upper teeth! I did have a history of grinding my teeth. Bought a boilable mouth guard (a couple of bucks versus the expensive ones in the pharmaceutical area). Wore it for three nights and my teeth felt a lot better. Teeth tightening up. Now I use the mouth guard only when my teeth start to hurt since my teeth grinding seems to be coupled with high stress. I am a 65 year old female about 40 pounds overweight but in good physical condition otherwise (ok, some parts are wearing out but I can still make them work).