Question: I’ve only just found out that I’ve suffered from sleep paralysis since I was around 18 years old. I am now 37. I thought there was something medically wrong with me!
It’s when I’ve dropped off to sleep that it happens. I awake in sheer terror, unable to move all of my body apart from my eyes. At that point I think I’m dying. When I eventually “break the force” I try to keep myself awake for as long as possible. However, I usually fall back asleep.Sometimes it happens five or more times. On occasion I’ve actually got up and turned my light on because I’m too scared to sleep.Over the last few years I’ve found that making a snoring noise breaks the paralysis much quicker. I have noticed that my SP is more frequent if I’m stressed or tired. It’s horrible and I wish there was a cure for it. Even though I know now I won’t die, I still find it an extremely scary and traumatic event.