Question: So, I’m a 23 year old male. About ten minutes ago iI had an episode. I’m still shooken by it. This isn’t my first and sure its not my last. I have one to three every couple weeks but never one like this one. Its always because of spiders, or some type of big bug.
So anyways, all I can remember is seeing this huge bug, the size of a child’s shoe with big pincers, crawl all over me and my husband. Of course I’m terrified, amd i am convinced, so I shake the covers, and run out of bed and scream to my husband to jump out of bed. He started freaking out and asking what was going on and I reached my arm out, grabbed his arm. I was able to pull him out of bed and explained to him about the bug. I heard him say “open your eyes and wake up”. I then figured out I was having an episode.The scariest part is that the episodes are progressing and getting stronger and I’m able to do more now, which in this case is definitely NOT GOOD! I’m so tired of getting them. Sounds bad, but its king of comforting to know not a freak and am not the only one out there.