Question: Hi there,
I have a young, sleepless baby and for eight months had terrible insomnia which thankfully is resolving now. However, I still find it hard to take a nap. But sometimes during the day I lie down to try to take a nap, then suddenly sit up, heart pounding, and I feel like I haven’t slept at all. But when I look at my watch I may have been there for 45 minutes. It is as if I have spent so many months not being able to sleep, and being so alert for the baby that I have got this strange phenomenon now where I don’t believe I have slept, or at least, am SO alert the MOMENT I wake, there is no period that feels like “waking up” it is as if I go from sleep, to immediate total wakefulness that I genuinely DONT know if I have slept! The only way I know is that in the afternoon I find that I do feel better, that I must have had a nap. Or my husband tells me I was asleep.Does this have a name? Is it just an anxiety of some kind?Can you please be sensitive in your answer as I am only getting over insomnia and as you know am still so open to suggestion and am so relieved to be getting over insomnia and being able to (apparently!!) nap after a sleepless night. Thanks!