Question: My 8-year-old daughter mostly moans, cries, and gets angry during her sleep. She keeps talking and complaining about anything that happened during the day (e.g., this is year 4’s pencil, no its not fair, take out that water bucket from there, and many more).
She moans and stretches her legs making them stiff and bangs them on the bed. Sometimes she shouts. This happens almost every night, but frequency may vary. Some nights just once or twice and some nights more than 10 times. Sometimes I ask her any questions about the things she is complaining about (e.g., who you are angry with? or anything related to her complaint) and she replies as well, but she can’t remember anything of those conversations in the morning once she wakes up. This has been going on since she was 3. As a parent, it is really distressing to see your child in trouble. Please suggest if there is any way I can help my child or anything that you have tried and that worked.