Question: I’ve had Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome for what seems like forever but was only diagnosed in 2008 (when I was 16).
I’ve been undergoing treatment for nearly 4 years having all treatments under the sun and nothing has seemed to help in the slightest so far. Melatonin has not even been proved successful in studies!! The only things left for me to try are Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and as I’ve had it for so long and because of my age I may never be cured.It’s so hard to stay positive as I have no social life (everyone is in bed by the time I’m feeling awake!), I can’t function properly and I can’t hold down jobs nor college. I have slept through a boiler bursting in the attic above my room as well as a pub fire alarm (which as you can imagine is rather loud!!) but the reality is that I am now probably stuck with it for life and will have to find ways around it that keep me and those living with me happy.It can be hard to live with but it doesn’t always have to be. My advice to those who can still grow out of it – KEEP POSITIVE!! I have and my life is now a lot more easier to manage