Question: I spent a week with my 45 year old son in Alaska on a fishing trip a few months ago. I was shocked to discover that as hard as he worked with all the fishing gear and equipment and boat during the day, it was nothing compared to what went on at night.
He was snoring very loudly, holding his breath for about 45 seconds then gasping for air. I could see that he worked at least twice as hard at night during his sleep as he did during the day.He has been fitted with several C-Paps. But he always throws it off during the night while asleep or semi asleep. He has lost his will to do something about it because he has had so many failures with c-paps and other things.He needs to lose weight, but lives alone and is not able to control his appetite. During a conversation during the day, he will intermittently fall asleep then suddenly awake. Is there any help? I feel he has become overwhelmed and has given up.