Question: I’ve had this problem for months now. I don’t know if it’s the satisfaction of knowing I don’t have anything to do the next day, but even if I do I can never fall asleep.
I wake up almost every day around 1pm. I then eat lunch then do cardio and workout for about 2 hours. Then I shower, watch some tv, then eat dinner. After dinner I watch tv or read for about 2 hours.It’s 11pm and I’m all ready for bed. I toss and turn but cannot fall asleep! I check the clock and the hours pass by. It’s now 4am. I give at most 3 more hours until I actually fall asleep. My body is so tired but my mind just won’t shut down!I’ve tried listening to music but it just makes me hyper, even when I listen to slow jams. Tea or milk just won’t cut it. And I refuse to go on medication. Anyone else have home remedies that have worked for them?