Question: For years I snored, had nightmares, woke with a headache, and was exhausted by the day’s end. This ended back in the 1980s after I saw a TV feature with Dr Dement talking about Sleep Apnea. This was back in the infancy of CPAP treatment, and there were no sleep study setups in my small town.
I got an appointment with a fine neurologist at Washington University in St Louis and was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. My initial machine was the old Healthdyne CPAP. Back then there were no BiLevel machines, full face masks, or built-in humidifiers. Despite this, I got quick relief, although I had a hard time with the early masks.At this time, I have been using XPAP treatment maybe 28 years and am very content that I have my faithful machine and comfortable mask with an integral humidifier.I can only urge everyone to be alert to symptoms of apnea, and to seek treatment, AND not to give up with treatment.