Question: This has been a recurring dream since I moved from Venezuela to Stanford last September. Back home, its typical for people to go have an “arepa” (a sort of corn-flour bread) after they go out for the evenings. In fact, “areperas” (restaurants that serve arepas) are open 24/7, so you’ll see a bride and groom having their 8AM, post-party arepa, still in their wedding garments, as well as swarms of teenagers placating their drunchies after a night of clubbing. Well, this recurring dream always takes place in an arepera late at night, or rather, early in the morning. At first, I just dreamt that I was having a post-frat-party arepa with my new college friends. However, as time progressed and the dream kept resurfacing, Stanford faculty started appearing in the tables nearby. In the second dream, my IHUM lecture teacher and T.A were in the table next to me clumsily calming their very own drunchies with an arepa. In the dream after that, Dean Julie had joined the gang. The weirdest and latest dream, however, was when my Resident Fellow- old, gray-haired lady who wouldn’t touch a fly- joined the rest of the staff in drunkenly downing an arepa. Since then, I haven’t dream with an “arepera” again, and I have a feeling that when I return to one back home, I won’t be able to suppress the image of my RF munching her alcohol intoxication away.

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