Question: I was having a normal dream and I was talking to someone, I’m not sure who, but I said something about a little girl who’s name was Monica but then I realized her name also could have been Michelle. I don’t know if it happened immediately or a few minutes after but as I lay belly down, my eyes suddenly opened and were staring to the left side of me without moving, just staring.
My body felt cold and as if it were vibrating to a certain frequency that I could also hear. It sounded like a loud alarm that you could hear with your entire body. Then all at once I heard a voice of a little girl whispering “Monica” extremely loud over and over overtaking my entire body and I couldn’t do anything about it.I tried moving to get out of bed, I tried screaming because of how terrifying this was, but all I could physically do was stare to that one spot to my left. I would say this lasted for about a few seconds, but definitely the scariest seconds of my life.I found out the medical term for this is ‘sleep paralysis’ and it is related OBE’s and astral projections, which I have tried accomplishing in the past but failed. This was the first time I ever experience this in any way and I was completely unaware that I could of had an OBE. This used to happen quite frequently to my dad in his younger years which is why I decided to write this down so I would never forget.