Question: So I had a dream that my best friend of almost 19 years was stalking my girlfriend…. This is funny to me because it is definitely one of the most absurd things to think about my friend.
Anyways, in my dream I saw that he was taking pictures of my girlfriend without her knowing, and that he had been trying to text her too. I asked him why he would do that to me and I can’t remember what exactly he said, but it was very creepy and I felt like if I didn’t do something drastic (like beat the shit out of him) that he would eventually end up hurting her or worse.Because he was talking about her sexually and aggressively, (which is not like him at all, whatsoever, he’s actually really shy and passive to begin with and I think he’s only talked to a few girls in his life) so granted when he was being a weirdo talking about what he wanted to do to her and how he was going to ask her to run away with him, I asked him why he thought this was remotely a good idea to him. He then said he was going to take her when I’m not there to stop him. Next thing I know, my dream fast forwards from a house with just me and him, to MY apartment where my girlfriend is sleeping in the next room. He said “I just want to talk to her, (he said it all creepily) so I took him down and started to punch him in the face as hard and fast as I could.Next thing I know I wake up from the dream and I hear my girlfriend screaming as I’m punching the bed right next to her!!??!! I was in shock and asked if she was ok. She was obviously very freaked out and got up and left the room. I then tried to explain what happened to her but she said she didn’t want to talk to me and that I should see a doctor….So I told her many times I’m sorry, and that I had truly never done anything like this in my life…. I have slept walked before and had entire conversations with my ex wife while I was sleeping. Then I wake up the next morning and she is talking about our “trip” or plans to do something and I have no idea what the hell she’s talking about….Anyone know what in the fuck just happened to me, or how this can be treated?? I also live in a shady neighborhood with lots of crime, so I keep a gun under the nightstand…. However I know this is no longer a safe thing for me, after tonight. I’m a 23 year old Male. I also take 10 mg of ambien every night for sleep.