Question: Well it’s finally happened. The world has been attacked by aliens. Or rather infested. Aliens have come and laid eggs in lakes, ponds and swamps all over the world. I’m hiking in the woods with a group and we happen upon a small, very clear pond. Inside of it we see the alien babies. They look like prehistoric sea life and orange and black striped baby crocodiles. If we fall into the pond we’ll be eaten alive but for some reason (perhaps to get a better look?) we jump onto some low lying branches that droop over the pond. Someone gets a park ranger and I think everything will be fine. We can exterminate the aliens in the pond and start reducing the potential threat. But then the ranger starts to assure everyone that we need not worry, he will protect the water life. Startled I point out that they’re not earth organisms, they’re aliens and that we know for a fact that they are here to kill us. The ranger stares at me and says “but it’s a life form in the wild and we can’t harm it. We must protect it.” I’m shocked. I tell him that we have to kill them all and suggest various ways to do so. That’s when the rest of the group joins in. Everyone is angry with me for suggesting we harm the aliens. I begin to get angry and desperate. After all, these things are going to kill us. We HAVE to kill them or all of mankind is doomed and of all people to be with when discovering the pond I’m surrounded by ignorant hippies who would rather be eaten by the organisms they’re saving than save the human race. I start to shout and fight for my cause, but people just yell at me and stare at me appalled. It becomes clear that no one is going to listen to me and I become very upset right as one of the aliens begins to attack and STILL no one wants to kill it. I then finally wake up distressed and frustrated.

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