Question: This happened last night. I was sleeping and then all of a sudden I felt a big weight on top of me, like something was pushing me down.I was unable to move and I had no control over my body. I tried to open my eyes for the longest time but as soon as I got them to open I was paralyzed and as hard as I tried to roll over to my side my body wasn’t moving at all. I was laying on my back, I could see the ceiling, and on the corner of my eye I could barely see my sister who was sleeping next to me (we share beds).I tried calling her name so she can wake me from this but my voice wasn’t coming out I tried with all my breathe to call her name then finally I could hear my voice calling her name but very soft I kept focusing my energy to do it for a while but nothing was happening. I started to panic. I felt something evil was there with me. I felt a bad presence next to me and it was like my sister was there next to me too but I couldn’t call out to her. I just kept hoping really bad that she would wake me.All of a sudden that’s when I felt someone’s hand rub on my butt and poke my butt hole and then continued to rub my butt. I still couldn’t move or see what was going on. For a second I thought it was my sister like saying “I’m right here don’t worry I’m with you now” but then I was like wait no this is not my sister this is something evil making fun of me… I wanted this to stop, I wanted to be able to move so I can wake up.I did a small prayer and I finally woke up but when I fell back asleep it started all over again. I couldn’t move my body so I started praying again I was trying to scream my prayers out I then slowly was able to clap my hands together as I was doing my prayers and that’s when I woke up again and continued to pray before I went back to sleep again.If this ever happens to someone please just pray with faith and it will all go away!! This is something that happens to me here & then but I always try to fight it till it goes away and it does.