Question: Even the smallest tasks lately seem really exhausting, such as vacuuming my room or picking up a pair of socks or reading my favorite book. Despite THAT, I can’t get to sleep anytime before 3 AM without taking something like Benadryl or NiQuil. I don’t want to become reliant on those things, obviously, so when I don’t have to get up early for work I try to tough it out, and end up in bed, no closer to sleep than I had been in the living room.
It’s like okay, watch TV (ugh why that’s so exhausting) or write (too tired) or read (too tired) and make dinner (why) and then go lay down for bed (I AM AWAKE THINK OF ALL THE THINGS THAT HAVE EVER GONE WRONG OR YOU’VE FAILED AT OR FORGOT TO DO OR COULD HAVE DONE). Get up, rinse, repeat.What should I do? Just keep on with the sleep aids or….?