Question: I never sleep during lecture. I would never even dream of sleeping. Except, I did. I am pretty sure that I dreamed this because Dr. Dement mentioned in lecture that no one ever slept in lecture anymore despite the class being in the afternoon.
The dream was very realistic; I walked into class as usual, from the left side. I sat down at my seat and my eyes began to feel very heavy. I tried very hard to keep them open, but my body felt numb. I tried to move my hands up and down to keep myself awake but they felt glued to the armrests of my chair. A loud voice jolted my eyes open and I saw a huge Dr. Dement with a gigantic water gun about the size of two adult males. It didn’t even cross my mind to wonder how he was able to carry that but all I noticed was that the nozzle was aimed directly at my face. I tried to jump out of the way but I could not.Dr. Dement bellowed at me, “If you wanted to sleep, you should’ve sat in the safe section to the right!” I tried to respond telling him that I wasn’t tired at all but a huge spurt of water burst straight at my face. And as I began to feel the pressure of the water and the coldness I woke up in my bed. My face was wet in real life and I looked around and I saw that a bottle of water I had put on my bed leaked onto my pillow when I was asleep. I guess that proves that external elements can enter your dream! This dream has also convinced me never to fall asleep in class!