Question: Hey. I don’t know who to tell about this, I’m too scared to talk about it IRL so I’m just gonna post it here. I usually get sleep paralysis quite often, and I’ve been learning to deal with them during all these years, but this morning it was really different, and if this will happen again I’m not too sure how I’ll get through again. I’m still scared to death and it’s 12 hours ago. Can this really be only sleep paralysis?
Well, I was sleeping in the morning hours, like 9, and then I woke up. Completely paralyzed, with a feeling of acute terror, an evil presence in the room, male form. The room was half lit and I saw everything perfectly clear. Then I started shaking violently, my whole body shaking so hard I thought I’d fall apart. It started in my feet and went upwards. A loud buzzing, whining noise started ringing, and it got louder and louder, and – here it comes – as the sound rose, so did my feet. From the mattress. Up in the air. The feeling of not being able to move or scream, with this load noise filling the air, like a rushing train, and the sensation of not having control, my whole body started raising up from the bed, and I felt this demon-like thing watching me… It’s pure terror. I was wide awake. Then I heard female voices talking and snapped out of it. I was alone at home at the time it occurred. I was terrified, took my phone to calm myself, and I fell into the paralysis again, not 10 minutes later. This time I saw demon like faces, figures, by the book shelf, and I felt how I started
shaking violently again, and the demons watched me, and talked, filling the room. I was experiencing everything so clear, and this time I knew what was going to happen, and I tried to fight it when I heard the train noise, but I couldn’t move, and my feet started lifting from the bed, this time I was really watching what was happening, as my feet rose up before me, taking the rest of me with them, and I was levitating in the air, almost vertically, head down. I thought I’d die. I snapped out of it after an excruciatingly long time, hanging in the air like that for 5-10 minutes, struggling to get down, I couldn’t breathe properly and something was pressing my chest in and pulling my feet up, further. This intense tingling started on my left side. I was still shaking like crazy. As soon as I snapped out of it I started falling back in again. Even when I got up and tried to do other things I felt the paralysis set in, in a totally awoken, aroused state. It’s been like this the whole day. My side still hurts and I still get hard shakes. I’m so scared. I don’t wanna go to sleep again. I know it’s only paralysis probably, but until now I’ve only heard voices, seen shadows and felt like being touched, and nothing like that is as bad as actually being raised from bed. It’s like a scene from The Exorcist or something. God help me. OK, it feels better having written it. I can’t help but thinking I’m losing my mind. Is this normal? Has anyone also been raised up? I hope someone will read this and be comforted in some way. Take care everyone.