Question: While me and my wife are sleeping we talk to each other and have the same dream. While we are talking I can see things before they happen.
One night we were sleep talking, our conversation and dream took place at a store. We were putting all the groceries in bags. We were just saying to each other, honey please pass this, and that, giggles and smiles. Then all of a sudden in less then half a sec I see me and my wife in my room and the whole house starts to shake. I see my wife wake up scared and has a heart attack and is about to die.My wife has heart problems and is scared of earthquakes. So I woke up, sat down. I put my hand over the heart of my wife, she opens her eyes and looks at me. I begin to tell her that everything is going to be ok, then the earth quake hits and I repeat it. Everything is going to be ok. When it was over all we did was talk about the dream, the conversation and how i knew there was going to be an earth quake. I tell her that I just knew. We had more of these dreams, I just wish I knew how to have more.