Question: Well, I am 17 years of age and my boyfriend of 2 years and I have slept (as in physically fallen to sleep) together for a year now. At first, I couldn’t really sleep well with him, but now when I’m by myself, I cant fall asleep!
We’ve actually tested this idea too. Over the past two or three weeks I haven’t been able to sleep. I came over a stomach virus and my stomach decides it wants to feel starving when I’m trying to fall asleep at night. At first I thought that this is why I could not sleep, and it very well may still be why, but when I am in my comfier bedroom, I cannot fall asleep.Yet, when I am in my boyfriends uncomfortable bedroom, I sleep like a baby despite the heat and lack of room. This weekend I slept like a baby after not sleeping all week. We won’t be moving out for another year or so, can someone please help me figure out a way to sleep? Do I need to see a sleep doctor?