Question: I am currently 16 years old. (Turning 17 next month.) For the last two years I have experienced terrible nightmares every single night. They wake me up and sometimes I cry or yell out in my sleep.
I have had friends sleep over who tell me that I talk in my sleep. They say that I have conversations with them and I honestly don’t remember these conversations. I thought my friends were messing with me but my one friend actually video taped me one night and I was in fact having a conversation with her that I did not remember having. My friends also told me that I twitch a lot in my sleep.Eventually, I become extremely tired. I barely could get out of bed and all I wanted to do is sleep. I kept waking up feeling like I couldn’t breathe and would wake up with a sore throat and a terrible headache. Finally, I got my doctor to agree to having me get a sleep study done. The results came back that I have sleep apnea. They also said that they could tell that I was having nightmares. I currently am using a CPAP machine during the night and I feel a lot more better rested than I did before I had one and I don’t wake up with headaches or sore throats.I am however having horrible nightmares still. My doctors don’t know why I have them. My doctors also don’t understand why I have sleep apnea. They told me that I don’t fit the usual profile for a sleep apnea patient. I am 16, not overweight, I am female, and no one else in my family has been diagnosed with it. I am also generally healthy besides the fact that I have a heart condition, a vascular disorder, a thyroid disorder, ADHD, and I am extremely anemic.I was once completely healthy and then it seems, all at once, I just woke up one morning and was no longer healthy and now I have all of these issues. All that I want to know is if there is anything that I could do about my nightmares? And if anyone knows why I have sleep apnea? Thank you,Lex