Question: I have been prescribed Trazadone and Seroquel in the past because my sleeping at night problem is is so severe. These medicines just make me groggy for a week, being I am not schizophrenic or any other of the diagnoses match for these drugs.
I have tried melatonin, over the counter sleeping pills and wine. None of this has worked.I am 38 years of age. I just discovered this diagnosis (DSPD – delayed sleep phase disorder) after years of research on my nocturnal state.I am happy for those who this has worked for (sleeping pills, light therapy). I am just accepting myself at this point due to the frustration of believing there’s something wrong with me and it at times being a deal-breaker for committed intimate relationships.I do not have a drug problem which has been suggested a couple of times by strangers in casual conversation (embarrassing), although all the sleeping pills I was taking at one time, I suppose I did have one. Just kidding.I am just happy and hopeful more people come across this awareness who have struggled since childhood like myself.Oh yeah, my experimentation with light therapy has not changed my clock. I hope again this works for others!Thanks for letting me post.