Question: Before I went to bed, I had planned to ask the characters in my dreams questions since I see them as my subconscious and wanted truthful answers. So I focused on my wish to have a lucid dream at 6.00am after my alarm woke me up and then went back to sleep again.
My dream started out as a normal dream and not lucid. I found myself at the seafront. After a while I started to think “am I dreaming?” I did the reality checks that I have practised in real life. I kept checking my hands, but they stayed the same and I started to doubt whether it was a dream because it felt so real. I then searched the scenery for clues that I was dreaming. I was looking out for anything strange. I noticed sparky things falling into the sea and then I said “Aha, I’m dreaming.” I also tested the temp of the water. Because if it was freezing then I knew it would be real. It felt cool and my clothes didn’t get wet. Two characters a man and a woman appeared so I said “shall we swim?” They started to swim and I was suddenly propelled into the air, I was flying over the sea by a gust of wind.I was lucid but I hadn’t planned this to happen, but I enjoyed the ride anyway. After a while I tried to turn back and fly to shore, but I lost control. I was still lucid, but I haven’t mastered control over some actions yet in my lucid dreams. I fell with a splash into the water and kept sinking until my foot hit the seabed and I kicked upwards. I resurfaced laughing and the man and woman swam over to me asking if I was ok. I said yes and told them to swim back to shore. Once on the shore, I decided I wanted to ask the woman a question because I knew she was my subconscious. I asked “What do you think of me?” She replied, “I think you are beautiful.” That surprised me because I’m not a vain person and would never say that about myself. I then asked the woman if I could hug her. She started to fade away and when I tried to hug her she turned into a man in his twenties who backed away and laughed with his mates who were around him. He looked embarrassed and put out.I then started losing control of my lucidity and it turned into a normal non lucid dream. I woke up very happy that I had managed to ask my fictional subconscious character a question. But I’m left unsure as to weather my subconscious was really trying to give me a message to love and accept myself. Something I have been trying to do lately.