It is not hard to see why demons, devils, and other beasties of the night have been blamed for these nocturnal ‘attacks’. Virtually all cultures with a written or oral history has some kind of form of SP they have reported, and with that a usually very colorful explanation as to why these things happen. But if you’re of an occult mind, or just an open one, it’s also not hard to see why scary folk of the night would take advantage of us while in such a vulnerable position. Either way, legend and lore abounds.SP is more commonly known as Old Hag, and the origin for this title may have roots as far back as the Sumerians. Ardat lili or Lilitu, an evil hag-demon, was said to have the power of flight, which she preferred to do at night when she would attack men in their sleep.This seems a very obvious reference to the original Lilith, who refused to lay on her back when laying with Adam, and was therefore thrown out of Eden for a more suitable mate for Adam. After she was thrown out of Eden a myriad of things happened, depending on who you hear tell it, but a few things remain constant, Lilith flew away and is now the eater of children, hers and others alike. She is a disgusting old hag, who now flies over the land at night seeking revenge for being thrown out of Eden.
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