Question: My 3.5 year old wakes up tired, is grumpy and bad tempered thoughout the day. He had his tonsils out last December and throughout January he was a different child–happy settled and an absolute delight.
At the start of February it all started again. Have seen a pediatric allergist who checked his excema and tweeked his management plan but said that wasn’t causing bad sleeping. He also tested for dust and grass allergies. These came back negative. He said he had non allergy rhinitis and prescribed a new spray. He said this could be causing the bad sleeping and we needed to stick with it for 3 months to see the best results.It has been a month. I thought I saw an improvement but then back to the tired boy again. My Ped says I need to relax more and 3 year old will relax and sleep better, the reason he slept well in Jan was because we were on holidays and we were all relaxed. Also to try to stay away from preservatives and colours in foods.My GP thinks he is just a restless sleeper. I don’t think either are right. I believe (mother’s instinct) that there is a physical, not emotional reason for him to not sleep properly and I am trying to sort out before school in 18 months.He also has asthma but it is under control at the moment. He had reflux as a baby and was on thickened fomula and cows milk until 18months. He was on Zantac until nearly 1. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. He tosses and turns constantly during the night. He occassionally calls out, whimpers or crys. The tossing and turning is usually preceded with a sigh. Would love a direction as I have no expertise in this area but feel that I have yet to find solution.