Question: Hello doctor. Listen, I have read your article, I have suffered from DSPS since I’ve been 14 (now I’m 25) And so many years of looking for a cure only brought me frustration. I am quite certain about the fact that the medical community should focus their efforts not only in finding a REAL cure (which I find unlikely) but also in creating a true awareness among the medical community (99% of which doesn’t even know DSPS even exists) and also among politicians and employers! It is necessary for us DSPS sufferers to be allowed to work accordingly to our natural schedule. If disabled people have the posibility to get working conditions suitable for them, it is only fair for us to get the same treatment! That is the TRUE CURE for DSPS!

Answer: Doctor? What doctor? David, I’m a college student trying to do just what you suggest–raise awareness of DSPS, and I agree pretty wholeheartedly with you. For example, you can read another one of my comments about DSPS on this site here:Why Does Everyone Assume That My Sleep Cycle’s Wrong?You’re right that the medical community at large is pretty ignorant of a lot of sleep-related disorders, delayed sleep phases included. In fact, the entire goal of this website and our Sleep and Dreams class is to change that. It’s slowly happening, but sleep-related issues need to permeate through the education system more for really expansive awareness to take place.So we’re on the same team my friend.Onward to more awareness!

Thanks for your question and good luck,