Question: I was in my brothers bedroom when i heard a clicking sound. I knew something bad was about to happen. So i ran out of the room.
The clicking sound went faster when i was running out of the room.I ran into the living room and put my back against the door. The clicking stopped and I heard something coming out of the computer.It was a Monster that had a pigs head and a mans body. it had crop circles and it did not have a long snout. It was brown and hairy. It was so ugly i keep having images of it in my mind when im in bed. it creeped my out. I saw its face poking out of the door then the dream ended.(2)I was in my living room when these toys came alive.They were singing. Then heard the door of the living room openOut of the black came the pig monster Guess what i did next I hugged it! Then other monsters came through the door.Then the dream ended.
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