Question: Dreams are amazing. That is all I can say. There is a whole other world out there for everyone to explore. A second life. A life where anything and everything can happen by simply thinking and letting your imagination go wild.
Ever since I was little I had always thought I had some special power because in most dreams I already know I am dreaming. Knowing this allows me to do anything I want to. Its so awesome because I know when im dreaming nothing can hurt me. I can jump off buildings and fly. I can kiss my dream guy and not feel held back because I know I’ll be waking up soon. If someone attacks me in my dream all I do is think up someone strong or powerful and attack them back!I always look forward to dreaming. Because I know that anything is possible.Kevin: Wonderful perspective, thanks for sharing it. In a way you do have a magical power, the power of lucid dreaming. If you haven’t heard the term before, check it out and dive into its rich history. Reading about the lucid dreaming experiences of others may even inspire your own dream creations.Have fun!Kevin
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