Question: the 1st I know of was in my bed at my parents. I dreamt there were 2 men in my doorway. One of them stepped closer to me. I felt trapped in my covers. My mother heard me screaming and came into my room to see me sitting up in bed trying to unlock the window. I felt it was my only way out. Very scared.
The next time I was in my apartment and had a friend sleep with me. He said I yelled and hit him but he doesn’t remember what I said. I felt an adrenalin rush.The last time I know of, I was staying at a friend’s place in his bed. He said I was hitting him with my hands and woke him, then I leaned over to the floor and threw my bag and clothes and things on the bedside table at the wall past the foot of the bed. Then I yelled, I threw them at you. Then I woke up properly. I felt very cold and angry.