Question: I’ve had numerous encounters with sleep paralysis, despite being only 16. I used to suffer with it as a small child, but in time, I’ve had less and less experiences with it.
A few days ago, I laid down for a quick nap. I suppose I must have dosed off, but I could still hear everything around me. When I heard my sister slam the door to leave for work, I tried getting up. Suddenly, there was this buzzing noise in my right ear. It was so shrill, and I’ve never even heard anything like it before. I then realized that I couldn’t move a muscle.I was sleeping on my stomach, so I could only see out of one eye. Everything was distorted, and the sound only got louder. Since I’ve had experience with sleep paralysis before, I knew that I had to calm down. I breathed out gently, closed my eye, and tried flexing my feet. I could only move one toe. I kept concentrating on moving my foot and eventually managed to wake myself up.Again, I’m used to sleep paralysis, so I pretty much ignored it and let myself fall back asleep; and again, I heard the same noise and fell back into a state of paralysis.After I woke up, I decided napping wasn’t going to work out at that time. was curious if anyone else had experienced this noise during sleep paralysis before?