Question: I have been a sleepwalker since I was little. I would wake up in my closet looking for an outfit I hadn’t owned for years. Sometimes I would wake up completely dressed or completely naked.
Over time, people would tell me I would talk in my sleep. Other times I would talk in my sleep and then wake myself up in the middle of a sentence.Now, I still sleepwalk, however, I also wake up with my husband asking me what I’m doing because I’m hitting him. I remember dreaming that I’m looking for something or reaching for something that I need. Unfortunately, my husband gets attacked in the meantime.We have children and also have firearms in our house and that scares me to death. I still sleepwalk on a regular basis, however, it’s been years since I’ve made it past my doorway before I wake myself up. I have been waking my husband more frequently lately and am very concerned that I could hurt him or someone else. I am on muscle relaxers, but they seem to do no good. I’m scared that nothing will help.