Question: I have a complicated question about my situation.
Does anyone know if Tourette’s Syndrome and Somniloquy are directly related? I know anxiety in general is related to Somniloquy, so perhaps by way of a common ailment. My significant other says I talk as well as move and thrash/make repetitive movement a lot in my sleep, even singing or shouting, or humming, and I have Tourette’s Syndrome, as well as a great deal of anxiety issues with insomnia, which I am already taking medications such as Wellbutrin, Clomipramine, Trazadone and Xanax for. My TS symptoms are that I have vocalizations that sound like barking or sneezing and motor tics of my hands, arms, shoulders and trunk, which are jerky and thrashy.It seems I’m already on all the meds I can be on. I find I am sensitive to lots of medicines and whatever I put in my body, as well as sleep deprivation, which seems normal for anyone. Doe anyone find relief with diet, exercise, getting sunlight, having a schedule, not eating or drinking caffeine or alcohol at certain times, etc?Any information would be interesting and helpful. Thanks and have a good day (and a good night as well).Amanda S.