Question: I was to take a short nap after a day at university. Not long after crashing on my bed is where I dozed into a realistic dreamlike perspective of my room. This first encounter I was acting my usual routine of watching youtube. Soon after I felt the need to play some games on my phone. Phone and laptop devices started to act funny as they would sometimes shut off mid way or the brightness was so low that it was black.
Trying to overcome the situation I tried to fix it within this virtual world. The grabbing and acting felt completely real. I was struggling to get these devices to work.Soon after, I blacked out on my bed and it seemed like I fell asleep within this vision. Similarly I woke up in the same setting and situation; room, trying to fix my devices to work. Then as scary enough I blacked out and fell asleep again! De ja vu as I thought as I woke up the third time within these visions.This act repeated itself a couple of times. I vaguely recall encountering this scene at least 5 times before I saw myself worried and scared. At that moment I tried waking myself up from this weird slumber, having to try to get out of bed within the dream. I would get up and black out and restart that scene again. I would try to pinch my cheeks to be aware whether it was real or fake. In the vision it felt real. But when that time came when I was able to open my ‘real’ eyes, I was not harmed (but during this process I was still not awake). After pinching my cheeks I also blacked out and yes… you guessed it… repeated that same situation. I kept repeating things over and over again. If I had to estimate how long did this repeated nonsense went for it felt as if it went for 2 hours. It wasn’t till the last attempt of inflicting harm to my body where from pinches I went into slapping myself awake. This time it worked. I woke up and at first I wasn’t too sure if I was in my real state of mind. So I checked my phone device and laptop. Worked. Checked the time. It seemed that 45 minutes have passed since my last activity was made on my laptop. Everything seemed alright. So I pinched my cheeks. I felt the pain.