Question: I have experienced what I just found out to be called Sleep Paralysis (SP) for the past 5 months daily, sometimes 3 or 4 times whenever I doze off or at night when it’s time to sleep. I can relate to all the comments and agree to some point, although my frightening occurrences of not being able to move once I feel a presence in my room only happens at my house.
After about 4 months of trying to figure out what the heck was happening, I found that it only happened when my bedroom door was opened. Closed the door, kept stereo on, I was able to sleep peacefully, until last week the darn thing came thru the door and now I could feel the presence pressing against my body. I would struggle to move, it leaves, fall asleep again, there it is again. It’s terrifying, so I stayed up for about 3 days trying not to fall asleep to the point I was upset wanting whatever to leave my house! My frustrations of having enough only caused a dream of a dog walking slowly down a hallway that was leading to my bedroom door. I closed the door in my dream and felt safe. Relaxed, then I suddenly woke up to the sound of panting and feeling something pressed against my body, again! My eyes opened, couldn’t move, finally was able to, packed my bags for a hotel. It seems I can only rest away from home. It never happens elsewhere.What the heck? One person I happen to tell my story to told me it’s someone that refuses to let go of me, and related it to an ex-boyfriend 20 years ago of being possessive and it happened at age 24. I didn’t want to tell her, because most of my friends think I’m crazy, but I had a stalker boyfriend that put me through hell at that age. I am 49 now. I am working to ease my fear and discontinue paying a hotel just to sleep! How can I get some rest at home as one of the remedies, if the darn SP wont’t let you?