Question: My 36-year-old fiancée sleep talks and snores almost EVERY night….and might I add: he also on rare occasions sleep walks (which I find scary). When he was 18 he slept walked off a deck and fell about 18-20 feet to the ground and broke his back. He had to go to the hospital, etc. I’m very surprised that his parents didn’t take him to a specialist back then to really dive into this issue. His back is fine now to the point where he has ran in 4 marathons, including the NYC marathon this past November.
With that said, as mentioned in the title, at first I found him sleep talking as mildly entertaining and funny since some of the things he says are funny & incoherent. But now just find it annoying because it wakes me up and then I lose sleep…like RIGHT now! He literally just woke me up from my sleep, by saying “and Carolyn was there so it wasn’t too bad…hahaha”. Now I’m awake and thinking, “Who the hell is Carolyn?!?” UGH!We can’t try most of the recommended items to help counter his sleep talking because his work schedule is so random, sometimes stressful, and he travels quite often for work, all over the world in all kinds of time zones sometimes.And when I have mentioned him getting treatment or talking to a specialist, he gets very defensive. I don’t know what to do. Can anyone give me suggestions? Shouldn’t I be concerned about this constant behavior and him now getting up during his sleep? #ImAtMyWitsEnd