Question: My dream involved an elaborate indoor roller coaster, which resembled Space Mountain at Disneyland, but was distinctly different. I remember being there with my family, and we definitely enjoyed the attraction, but there was a creepy sense of mystery that hung over the ride.
We rode the coaster multiple times consecutively, and I eventually got a seat with a great deal of graffiti on the headrest in front of me. Many people’s names were etched in to the back of the head support, many of which were written multiple times.I became very surprised when I discovered both my name and my sister’s name carved into the leather. As I looked closer, however, my name was slightly misspelled, but a quick Google search on my phone revealed that no famous person had that slightly misspelled version of my name. I concluded that it had to be me, and wanted to get to the bottom of why a random person carved my name into a roller coaster headrest. I made this resolution as I exited the coaster, and just as I began to ask my sister if she knew anything about it, my roommate’s alarm terminated the dream.
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