Question: I was in a deep sleep, I remember getting out of bed an walking around the room to my wife’s side of the bed. I paused for a moment and checked the time on her alarm clock on the night stand and then proceeded to climb into bed in her side.
My wife, at this point startled, asked me what I was doing and I recall mumbling back to her but not making any sense, she was frightened by my actions and the fact that my eyes were wide open with a blank look on my face.Not given much space on my wife’s side of the bed I started to cuddle with her for about a half an hour and then climbed over top of her back to my side of the bed.This is not the first time that I have done something like this, but this is the most clear I have been able to recall the events and my actions of the night. I hope that this doesn’t form a pattern as my wife is weirded out by my sleep walking and worries about me hurting myself or someone else!