Question: My nickname is Jane… I’m 32 years old and I just found out I may possibly be suffering from Bruxism 😑.
At the age of 28 I started waking up to loud crunchy noises. I’d abruptly wake from my sleep thinking I was hearing things or my cats were using the litter box , until last night I abruptly awoken again by crunchy noises , I immediately woke up and rushed to the litter box to tell at my cat for disrupting me when I realized they were both sleep.This morning I drank some water and swallowed a small piece of tooth (I almost chocked 😒😒) . I immediately researched toothache causes and realized my sleep apnea of insomnia is stressing me out and causing me to grind my teeth in irritation that I believe is related to stress and lack of sleep.My teeth are becoming damaged and chipped because of this…I’ve tried to tell my dentist but they say it’s my wisdom tooth….When clearly the pain is not located there.. it’s directly in the tooth.How can I get my dentist to listen? Any suggestions would be great ….I can’t stand the pain any longer …It’s just adding to stress and depression… Someone help me!😥😢😢