Question: Okay, so in my dream we are at a park and my cousin is there.
I can tell something is after us because of her. I think because of some power she had or something. Now that I think about it she might have been an alien. Anyways, we decide that we need to go some place that isn’t so open. So we go to her house, and when we get there everyone except my cousin goes inside. When I ask where she is they tell me she’s by the pond. Then I look out the window and see her and know she will get attacked. I look to the floor and see a dead mouse and go look at it. Then my perspective changes and I’m my cousin.I look up from the pond across the grass and see the wolf/deer/branch thing (aka The Thing) come straight at me. It hits me but not hard enough of to hurt me too badly, so I run for the door. But it feels like I’m going really slow and I can’t get to the door fast enough. The thing speeds in front of me and pauses, then zooms away, and then comes back.It tries to attack me so I start ripping branches off it until all I see is the body of a deer and the head of a wolf…..then I woke up.I thought this one of my most interesting dreams