Question: Bam. Felt the chilled water beneath my bare feet as I literally sprinted rather aimlessly around Lake Powell. Having not been there for over 11 years, I found myself sort of exploring.
The speed at which my dream body took me made it more of a passing glance/quick appreciation at all around me than the leisurely pace my family and I went at years before. Then I was holding onto a boat. Tightly so, as the boat was too traveling extremely fast. A solid chunk of my large family were aboard this boat, relaxed and jovial. Aunts, uncles, cousins, and their babies, my sister and brother…then just as suddenly as I was on it/traveling the boat spun. Around and around before tipping over. The water became shallow once all were forced into the water, we were thus able to walk around. We could not find two of the young ones- Lily and Noah. I actually woke up in the middle of the night- anxiety ridden from the fact that they still had not been found. The infants who were in my cousins arms when the boat flipped were alright, but the toddlers– still nowhere. It was all in color. And the concern, yelling for there names, frantically swimming around to try and find them is as far as I can remember. Don’t know if we found them. Definitely one of those dreams I was super happy to discover/realize to be one….
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