Question: Hello sleepingwalkers,
Well first of all, I never ever thought I’d experience sleep and walk at the same time. Until then my sleepwalking first started in the spring of 2009 and I had at least 4 sleepwalking incidents, 2 in between spring and summer, 1 during mid fall and perhaps last one either November or December.I believe I was 29 when I discover myself from one room to another room, and sleeping until I become really uncomfortable then I would wake up with my eyes already closed and open my eyes and looked around realizing how the hell did I get here from my bedroom? I would be pondering hard at the next morning if I had either a realism dream or perhaps sleepwalking?Eventually my sleepwalking convinced me that I was actually discovered myself fully awareand awaken that I’m naked on couch or on the floor. I now know for the fact that I’m 32 yrs old just don’t recall experiencing such a great, unique phenomenon during my sleep from an episode of somnambuism dream. Although I do still and love sleeping naked.I can only tell you the stories that I do know for certain to be aware of my whereabouts before I go to sleep and awaking up afterwards. I don’t have re-visionary or recollection of memory howI get here from there? Sometimes after waking up, knowing where I am can strike me as frighten the hell out of me. Other times, I remember falling asleep on the couch and then suddenly I wake up knowing that I’m in my twin’s room, lying in the middle of the room in small blue blanket with a pillow. I sit up to think for a moment to know how the hell did I come in my son’s room and I can see the door already closed.I’d be asleep knowing it was 2:30am and then waking up knowing how uncomfortable I was on the couch because I didn’t have a blanket. I get up and off the couch and walk towards my bedroom in the hallway. But the strangest part was that some of my son’s toys and 2 car rollie was stood somewhere in the middle of the hallway that no one would want to dare close their eyes and walkin the dark hallway that could trip easily or fall hard. I come to think how amazing I manage walking over my son’s toys without a fall while I was sleepwalking. Well enough to tell for now and I’d like to know your stories. I gotta say I hope I’m not sleeptyping this lol.