Question: The other night I went to one of the dining halls on campus and it was Faculty night. When I walked through I happened to see Dr.Dement dining with a few students and I noted how he looked different, I didn’t know if he normally had glasses, or if he got haircut, or if it was just because I was used to seeing him on stage giving lectures but I did a double take and went on to get my food, slightly perplexed but quickly forgetting about the whole thing.
But I guess my subconscious didn’t forget because when I went to bed that night I had a dream that I was in a Sleep and Dreams lecture, but Dr. Dement wasn’t there, so his cyborg came out to give a lecture. The robot Dr.Dement started to short circuit when “the real” Dr.Dement came running onto stage yelling “IMPOSTER”. Then a curtain came down (though there are no curtains in the lecture hall) and above the murmurs of the fight someone announced that the true Dr.Dement was coming out to give a lecture, and a man who looked nothing like Dr.Dement came out and started speaking. Everyone in the audience seemed to buy it, but I wasn’t convinced. I remember having the distinct feeling that something wasn’t right, and that wasn’t Dr.Dement, but I don’t remember anything else from the dream.
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