Question: I’ve been dealing with sleep paralysis for about 8 years. It really is a terrifying experience. This week alone (today is Tuesday) I’ve already had about 4 different paralysis dreams and one night where I woke up in a panic for no reason.
The first Sleep paralysis dream I remember having is very similar to what a lot of the people on this site describe. I remember “waking up” at 4:30 in the morning and seeing a shadowy figure in my door frame. At first I was not scared until the figure approached the foot of my bed. I remember trying to ask him questions but all I could do was mumble. It still makes me anxious just talking about it even though I’ve had that dream several times since then. I’ve shared that story with my grandmother and she tried to give it a supernatural overtone by telling me that my grandfather use to wake up the kids at 4:30 am on the weekends to go fishing (I’ve never met that grandfather, he passed away before I was born).Since then I’ve researched a lot about the topic and I’ve had many many sleep paralysis dreams since then. Last night’s onset has by far been the absolute worst.The first dream last night was a typical one where I am just alone in my room and I can’t move, I panicked at first but coerced myself out of the dream eventually by just telling myself “Ok, its another sleep paralysis
dream just relax”. I woke up and went straight back to bed. The following two dreams were much scarier. The second dream started off the exact same, I was in bed, couldn’t move etc… but out of nowhere a while spherical glowing object started hovering right in front of my face. The object was spinning and randomly a face would jump out from the sphere (it looked exactly like the poster for the movie the Frighteners This dream seemed to last the longest. I “woke” up from that dream and went into my parents’ office to discuss what had just happened with my mom. I laid on the floor behind her computer and began to talk but no words came out. I tried to get up but I couldn’t. I was screaming for my mom to help me but her back was and she was facing her computer doing work. It was very agonizing to be so close to someone yet not get their attention to let them know something is wrong with me. Eventually I actually woke up and I saw a hand that was on my bed that was not mine, when I went to grab it I realized that it was just the way the blankets on my bed were creased.Needless to say I’m pretty hesitant about falling asleep tonight because this week has been pretty tough on the sleeping front. I tend to rant, any suggestions or even relating to my dreams would be much appreciated.