Question: I was in my old house with my family and all of a sudden a man in Chinese traditional clothing tried to sneak into my room through the window. As soon as I saw this I called my parents and they killed him as if they were spies or ninjas or something.
A few seconds later another person tried to get in, but it was a young girl. It’s as if they were sent to kill my family. She came in and we attacked her. I started choking her, but then my mom told me it wasn’t necessary to kill her because she was good (since she wore Kpop socks).Then later we were in a hotel and tons of these ninja-like people were looking for us, and I escaped by walking on the walls and hiding on the ceiling.But later I was found and I was fighting them, when all of a sudden I saw that young girl again. It was wrong to let her go that time. We started fighting and then I can’t remember what happened.
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